Vibrex vibrating condom
Vibrex, the vibrating condom

Vibrex is a condom with a mini vibrator. The high frequency vibrations will generate an unknown pleasure for both men and women. Women wont just cum faster but also more intense and more frequent. Men will notice that their penis will stay erect longer and will be harder. Couples who use Vibrex say that their sexlife has become more intense and espessially more fun. They say that the woman will reach an orgasm more often and faster.

Vibrex is in combination with the condom easy to use, just place it over the penis, this way you wont just have safe sex but also extra good stimulated sex! The vibration will generate a good feeling on the penis, and the clitoris will be extra stimulated. The Vibrex can be placed upward so it will stimulate the clitoris.

Vibrex is constructed from strong but soft rubber and will feel confortable. Vibrex is easy to switch on and off with a small button. Vibrex will fit on any penis. The vibration frequency can reach up to 6000 to 8000 a minute, this will improve the erection for men and stimulate the clitoris for women. Because of the design of the ring it will even stimulate the woman when switched off.

vibrex uitleg Step 1: Remove the condom out of the package, and place it over your penis( see package condom for extra details).

Step 2: Place the Vibrex over the condom, and switch it on.

Step 3: Make sure the vibrating part of the ring is facing up for extra stimulation for the woman.

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